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This week’s workout was submitted by Manuela.
Manuela is from Germany and moved to the USA 9 years ago. She gained a lot of weight and was very unhappy, unhealthy and depressed. 3 years ago she decided to change her life. She changed her diet and started exercising. After losing some weight, she felt brave enough to join a gym and fell in love with Zumba fitness. She continued to exercise and eat healthy. She became a AFAA certified fitness instructor and Zumba Zin instructor. She teaches at the same gym that helped her change her life 3 years ago. She stared lifting weights in addition to Zumba and competed in her first NPC competition in October 2015. Her next NPC show is planned for April 2016.
The gym is her therapy and happy place. She works full time as a Medical Assistant but continues to teach and train daily. Her goal for 2016 is to complete her NASM personal trainer certification and work full time in the industry she’s so passionate about. Her total weight loss ended up being 79lbs. She is a changed person and wants to motivate and inspire people. She is the happiest when she can help and support people reaching their fitness goals.
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