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This week’s workout was submitted by Maseeha.
Maseeha began her fitness journey when she was 17 years old , she is now 19… She remembers her mom would buy her the Woman’s Health Magazine just so she could get the free exercise videos inside. She would then exercise in the comfort of her own lounge. hehe! She remembers looking at the woman in the videos and thinking… wow it would feel really great to look so toned…and that’s what she did, she continued her home exercise routine which helped her tone up and feel good about herself.
She then started going to the gym with her brother and began her weight training journey… she started to follow some of her favourite athletes on Instagram and read up on their workout routines, she would look up exercises on bodybuilding.com and “TRY” to mimic them herself… As she started seeing some results, she felt more motivated and training simply became apart of her. She was grateful for the friends she made who were professional athletes, as they were able to guide her here and there and answer some questions of hers… for example teaching her to train separate muscles groups on different days rather than doing continuous full body workouts…
She carried on with her training , had a few training partners, learned new things on a daily basis, gained a little bit of muscle here and there and carried on with what she “thought” training hard and eating clean was” …and then everything changed!
Her fitness journey did a 360 degree change in the best way possible! She met her coach who is now one of her closest friends, and daily motivation John Lucas (Gentle Giant) . She was immediately able to see why John is an international fitness personality and one of South Africa’s top sponsored athletes, (besides the fact that he is 6 Foot 5, weighing 138 kg with a body fat of 4% )(yip.. its insane she knows!) he is one of the most inspiring and motivating people she has ever met… He is truly a Gentle Giant.
It was after John taught her the Giant Connection principle, and what eating clean actually meant she was able to start her journey of sculpting her physique and see the results she wanted.
What she then realized was before, she would go into the gym and lift some weights for about an hour and a half to two hours.. where as, now she goes into the gym for about 45 minutes to an hour max! and has a much harder and much more intense session.. this is because she is learning how to connect with that specific muscle group that she is training. More importantly he has taught her the importance of diet… all that time she thought she was eating clean because something sounded healthy “yoghurts, fruits, rice cake and peanut butter with a little treat a day'” changed to her current diet where she eats 5 to 6 meals a day with the right amount of protein, carbs and vegetables for her body and her goals.
Most Importantly John has taught her that if she wants to succeed and reach her goals, she will need to be disciplined, making sure she gets her meals in , making sure she has her cheat day on a Sunday; not when she feels like it ..because she’s out with friends and they are all enjoying some chocolate cake. Making sure that she stays motivated , patient and becomes a little stronger (physically and mentally) everyday.
One of the most important things fitness has taught her is the importance of hard work , commitment and self love. At the end of the day its up to you, and you only to make your dreams come true, to sculpt that physique you always wanted..

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