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Try this killer ab workout which targets your entire core and leaves them with a satisfying burn submitted by Sigrún!

4 rounds:

1.) 15 reps alternating between two lying leg raises and two crunches. This exercise targets your glutes and upper abs.
2.) 30 reps alternating toe touches (15 reps for each leg). This exercise targets over-all core muscles.
3.) 1 minute plank. Target over-all core muscles as well as your chest, arms, back, glutes and legs.

Rest 50 seconds between rounds.


Click here to watch the video!

Sigrún, from Reykjavík, Iceland and Malvern, Pennsylvania, has an inspiring Instagram page @fitbysigrun to motivate individuals wanting to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She demonstrates her favorite workout routines, posts inspiring quotes and healthy recipes. Definitely check out her Instagram and give her a follow!

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